What we do

We tailor solutions to meet your goals and make sure the conditions are right so that the goals are achieved - not merely immediate goals, but those goals for the years ahead.

Whether it's an improvement project, specialist advice, accounting or business mentoring, we will bring you solutions in:

Pandemic Preparedness

We can provide advice and practical help to operate your business safely and efficiently in the midst of the global pandemic. We do this by utilising our expertise in risk management, accounting, systems design and infection prevention/control.


We can help you with the strategic orientation of your business and support you to make sustainable changes.


We're skilled in translating standards into practice (such as ISO 9001 and the health and disability service standards) and helping them add value to your business.

Business growth management

We can help you improve the performance of your organisation, to ensure the changes you make take effect and the goals you have in mind are achieved.

Due diligence

We can use our accounting expertise to assist you in evaluating the opportunities and risks with the sale or purchase of a business (or entering into a new leadership role or directorship).

Small business support

We all know that many small businesses fail in the early years, but with the right advice and support your business can thrive despite the challenges.

Tax & accounting

We can ensure your business meets all its external obligations such as those to creditors and the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).  We are a registered tax agent with IRD and are the first to know of any tax changes that may apply to you.

Clinical service improvement

We have considerable expertise in the health sector and can help you to improve the delivery of patient services and reduce costs, working closely with clinical teams to ensure changes are acceptable to healthcare professionals.

Infection prevention & control

We are able to provide infection prevention control expertise to all types of businesses, with particular emphasis on evidence based infection prevention measures in healthcare settings (eg. process and compliance audits, infection surveillance programmes, staff education, policy review and pandemic planning).

Project management

We're experienced in leading large service-improvement projects with a strong discipline to deliver on-time and budget and also enjoy assisting smaller organisations with cost-effective project management services.

We offer services to suit large and small organisations